PuzzleIoT demonstrator is here!

We are ready to showcase our baby.
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The edge with the edge!

What exactly is PuzzleIoT?


Board Pico IMX, processor i.MX7 Dual, CPU speed 1Ghz, RAM 512MB, onboard flash 4G


WI-FI, Bluetooth, Low energy Bluetooth, and Lora
(plus USB and Ethernet)


Accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, humidity, temperature, pressure, light

User Interface

Touch screen display, USB, Ethernet, Android Things, and PuzzleCompatible Connectors

And anything you can plug or engineer in is an upgrade...

2/3/4/5G GPS extra memory HD camera thermal camera hyperspectral camera any camera satellite connectivity tetra CDMA and LTE WAN RFID NFC zigbee programmable radio FireWire Parallel port RS-232 UART any protocol hygrometer photometer UV sensor CO sensor CO2 sensor radiation sensor pH sensor pathogene sensor ammonium sensor vital sign sensors any sensor SD card reader any card reader printer speaker microphone keyboard joystick mouse button(s) switch(es) slider(s) light(s) extra battery extra plus plus battery tissue dispenser lasers soap bubble machine coffee maker [...]

And if you desire to plug in rockets and not-a-flamethrowers, please request from Mr. Musk. We're convinced he's got it in the bag.

Smart Gateway

PuzzleIoT is a computer that takes care of the local processing as well as near and far connectivity. The device runs on Android Things to guarantee you a well documented platform to build on.

Customizable Hardware

Use USB and Ethernet to plug in more devices and sensors or dive deeper and add components under the hood. Because PuzzleIoT is to be pre-certified the amount of engineering acrobats required to do so is significantly reduced.

Read more about our hardware architecture design principles - the reason why we truly are customizable >

How can I buy them, you ask.
Development status

Step 2
2020 Q1 onwards

Developer Kit Batch 1 manufacturing and customer pilots.

Step 3
2020 Q3

Developer Kit Batch 2 sales, manufacturing, and pilots.

Step 4
To be announced

PuzzleIoT launches bespoke device sales.

PuzzleIoT demonstrator is here!

We are ready to showcase our baby.
Would you like to know more?

Developer Kit 1 Specs

Board Pico IMX D
Processor i.MX7 Dual
CPU Speed 1Ghz
SDRAM memory 512MB DDR3L 800MHz
Onboard Flash 4GB 8 bit eMMC
Ethernet 10/100/1000
Video Out 1920x1080
Speed CoreMark 2607
Sensors HTS221 Relative humidity and temperature sensor, LSM6DS3 accelerometer and gyroscope, LIS3MDL magnetometer, LPS25H pressure sensor, APDS-9250 Light sensor
Screen VL050-8048NT-C01 display with touch screen
Connectivity Bluetooth and Low energy Bluetooth protocols, nRF52840 LORA module, WI-FI, Ethernet, USB
Operating system Android Things OS
Certificates TBA (we're working on CE and some others)
Connectors PuzzleCompatible module connectors making the hardware repair, upgrade, and customization a breeze

Pretty cool, yea?

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But, but, what can I build on it, you ask.

Funny you should ask, we have some ideas :)
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The design ideology

The problem of hardware isn't on the component level. The world is working on components - engineers make progress daily. The problem is hardware architecture. Why are electronics designed for obsolescence? Is there a way for hardware architecture to be robust enough in order for it to sustain the progress of technology and user requirements?
We say, yes!

Fix when broken

Do you remember the time when we fixed electronics when they broke - swapped batteries and replaced worn out components? We remember those times too and want to bring them back. When electronics are designed well you can repair them instead of throwing them to a bottomless bin.

Upgrade as required

Are you ready for 6G? We are! Just plug it in and so are you. IoT ecosystems will have to absorb all of the technological advances we constantly make but also the increasing user requirements and security threats. You better be able to upgrade. Fast.


Electronics should serve your need. There is no reason why electronics are only to be bought off the shelf and used as they are. Better yet, electronics product development shouldn't have the high hurdles it currently has. Creating bespoke electronics on top of pre-certified robust electronics architecture is faster, cheaper, and lowers the associated risks.

Save the mother ducking nature

Enough with the mindless wasting of the planet's valuable resources. We can do better than this. Can you imagine what will happen geopolitically when the critical raw (earth) materials demand is only ever increasing globally? The only way to sustainably retain the value of these critical raw materials is keep the devices working longer. Let's do this!

Designing robust architecture, modularity

As far as we can see the above rant leads us to one solution, modularity. Modularity is a way to silo a device into compartments that can be upgraded, reengineered, or replaced individually. And when those silos are pre-certified engineering additional electronics in is a no brainer.

The critical barrier for modularity is standardized connectivity between the modules. This connectivity has to withstand the wear and tear of the type of use that monolith devices don't. Further, the connectors must be able to conway the signals from one module to the other. This is why we have spent a lot of time and resources in creating connector solution that would be the best compromise and optimal for long term use. Patent is now pending.

Connector testing rig in action

We do this because both you and the world deserve better devices

Turn PuzzleIoT into what you need your edge to be. We have taken care of the basics, building on it is a breeze.

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The Mother Ship - Circular Devices Oy

PuzzleIoT is a product of Circular Devices Ltd. We specialize in electronics architecture innovation. You can call us an electronics design house. Currently we are developing a modular smartphone, PuzzlePhone, and PuzzleIoT is very conveniently along the roadmap as the smartphones have everything a great IoT device can have. We just add a bit of IoT specific components in and look into user journeys in IoT. Formfactor is different from smartphone but much of the electronics are the same.

We are excited to finally have products in our hands. This journey has taken way longer than expected but since we have secured enough funds to get to the IoT device we have tried to stay patient. We know a lot of you out there have been expecting news from us. We’re sorry it has taken this long. You, sincerely, have been in our minds daily even when our hands and resources have been tied to R&D. We'll keep pushing forward in order to make a difference - to make things right. Stay tuned and much love to all.